Dolly Rescue: Recovered Bait Doll Blythe Into A Beauty!


If you wish to purchase Minksy, she is only available until tomorrow night!! Then she gets packed up until late October (2014). We are moving across the country in a few weeks. Please read all the info below before purchasing her.
$250 + $25 shipping. No holds, no downpayments. Thank you!

About her:
Minksy is a ‘bait doll’. This means that when I received hershe had already been customized. The…

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Customized Petite

I finally got around to customizing my wee petite-ee. I think she is AWESOME.
I did have some troubles getting the MSC to NOT leave white bulk behind but for some reason it just kept massing around her nose. I tried and sanded and retried about 4 times. The last time wasn’t as bad and since she is for my personal collection I decided I love her the way she is.

PicMonkey Collage2


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Sunset is complete! 
Commission request.

This one was super fun to do! I was asked to do a doll and the request was ‘whatever you want to do’. What more could an artist ask for!? Nothing. My life is complete now.

The doll;
Sunset was inspired by her meticulous pale skin and the amazing teeswater locks. I wanted to do a colour theme that my customer would love so after questioning about some of her…

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Blythe Circus Outfit - Full Set

Circus full set!!

$80 usd for;
-pure silk dress in scarlet trimmed with beads with sewn in turquoise tulle petti, trimmed in fabulous hot pink, super soft fringe.
–striped thigh-high sockies!
-a gorgeous and pouffy petticoat with lace accent
-fabulous shoes of my own design with ribbon ties

ALL items handmade by me.

Shipping is $15.00 with tracking world wide. Paypal only. Seems high but that’s…

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